About This Site

Joe’s Outdoor Gear is brand-spankin’ new.

My goal is to provide both a superior product review and educate consumers on how I enjoy the great outdoors.

Who is this “Joe” guy…?


What’s in a name anyway, right?  Well I’m a IT Systems Administrator by day but my passions lie in the great outdoors.  I’m an extremely analytical person.  I always aim to obtain as much knowledge on a subject as I can.  Buying gear has never been an easy task for me because I need to understand something before I buy it.  I need to know what it’s made of, why that was chosen, how it should be used, what it can AND can’t do, and what I can find that can also do what I am looking for.

Being a self-titled “review junkie” I’ve seen a lot of content that I liked and a lot that has be downright terrible.  I’ve seen misinformation travel from site to site due to a lack of fact-checking, bias, and plain old ignorance.  This has become the driving force for me to create this site and YouTube review channel.  Hopefully I can inspire others to create content that they can be proud of and not just churn out video after video for views.

So… Why am I doing this?

Naturally, someone might ask “Why are you adding another gear review site to the sea of existing ones out there?” or “What makes you different?”   Well, the answer to either of those questions is: I’m fed up with wanting to find some quality information elsewhere.  It’s becoming more and more like finding a needle in a hay stack.  There are simply too many people out there with too much time and it rarely ever seems to be spent on researching before they share their opinions.  My goal with this site and my YouTube channel is to provide the highest quality information that I can.  I don’t just want to say something is “nice”, “cool”, or “good”.  I will be showing you what a product can do and how it can do it.  I will be showing you not only what a product can do… but what it can’t.  I think that will be one of the defining features of this channel.  I do a LOT of consulting with experts and manufacturers as well as fact-checking across

What should you expect to see?

Currently, you can go onto a merchant site like Amazon.com and find reviews on items being sold and you will find that people either love something or hate it and the wishy-washy 4-star reviews are mostly just people who simply don’t ever give a “5”.  I’m not going to review products like that.  The ambiguous number of “stars” I would give a product do nothing more than give a 1-word answer to a question that deserves more… “Is this a good product for me?”  To answer a question like that would take getting to know you and unfortunately, I cannot meet each and every one of you.  (Time constraints, language barriers, geography… etc.)  So how do I plan on helping you know if a piece of gear or a system is right for you?  Well, it’s hopefully through contextual writing.  I will tell you everything I think is important to know about a product and who I think that information is important to.  You have the task of adapting that information to yourself and determining what type of outdoors enthusiast you think you are.

Which products will you be reviewing?

I know that there are good and bad products out there.  From counterfeit to defective to outright scams.  I might acquire some of these through the course of this project.  I will be bluntly honest and tell you what I think of them.  I will not ever endorse any product like this.

I’ve got a limited scope when it comes to my experience with outdoor equipment.  My focus is primarily on canoe camping, backpacking, and car camping.  There are plenty of activities that I simply haven’t had the time for or just haven’t caught my eye yet.  If/When I do take on a new hobby and add it to my list, I can assure you that I won’t be posting anything about it until I am sure that there is a firm understanding of the topics I discuss.

What if I am wrong?

I gladly welcome corrections to mistakes, typos, or other suggestions.  Please leave a comment on a review post or a skills post if you think I missed something.  Leaving a comment will give us a chance to have an open discussion about the topic and gives you credit if you catch something that I missed, plus it gives you and me the ability to gather ideas from the rest of the community that will hopefully grow here.

You might have a different opinion on a product I review.  You might have a different approach to enjoying your time outdoors.  That’s okay.

When it comes to opinions… I totally get it, we can’t all get along.  There can’t be just one answer to what is right for you.  Unfortunately to some people, the pairing of gear to user is supposed to be like math where 1+1=2.  (a.k.a. “This is the best and only thing you should use and if you don’t use it you’re an idiot.”)  That’s not what I want to see here from anyone.  Insults, threats, and other similar behavior will not be tolerated.

Do you want me to review your gear???

While I love the opportunity to review any gear that I can, please reach out to me before sending anything to give me a chance to let you know if I have the time to complete it in a reasonable window.  Use the Contact Joe page for your inquiry.  Thank you!

In conclusion…

I see this as an exciting opportunity.  I am sincerely looking forward to everything that is to come with this.